• Permit Fee for Cockpits Owners/ Operators/ Licenses/ Promoters and Cockpit Personnel
  • Special Permit Fee for Cockfighting
  • Permit Fee for Excavation
  • Fee for Sealing and Licensing of Weights and Measures
  • Permit Fee for Agricultural Machinery and other Heavy Equipment
  • Permit Fee on Tricycle Operation and other Motor for Hire (Habal-Habal).
  • Building Permit
  • Zoning/Locational Clearance and Related Fees

  • Secretary's Fees
  • Local Civil Registry Fees
  • Police Clearance Fees
  • Sanitary Inspection Fees
  • Service Fees for Health Examination
  • Dog Vaccination Fees

  • Fishery Rentals, Fees and Charges
  • Rentals of Personal and Real Properties Owned by the Municipality
  • Service Charge for Garbage Collection
  • Cemetery Charges
  • Slaughter and Corral Fees
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A. Permit Fee for Cockpits Owners/ Operators/ Licensees/ Promoters and Cockpit Personnel

    There shall be collected the following Mayor’s permit Fees from cockpit operators/ owners/ licensees and cockpit personnel:

From the owner/operator/licensees of the cockpit:
  • Application filing fee  -  500.00
  • Annual cockpit permit fee  -  2,000.00

From cockpit personnel:
  • Promoters/Hosts  -  500.00
  • Pit Manager  -  300.00
  • Referee  -  200.00
  • Bet Taker “Kristo/Liamador”  -  200.00
  • Bet Manager “Maciador/Kasador”  -  200.00
  • Gaffer “Mananari”  -  200.00
  • Cashier  -  200.00
  • Derby (Matchmaker)  -  200.00
Time and Manner of Payment

a. The application filing fee is payable to the Municipal Treasurer upon application for a permit or license to operate and maintain cockpits.

b. The annual cockpit permit fee is payable upon application for a permit before a cockpit shall be allowed to operate and within the first twenty days of January of each year in case of renewal thereof.

c. The permit fees on cockpit personnel shall be paid before they participate in a cockfight and shall be paid annually upon renewal of the permit on the birth month of the permitee.

F. Permit Fees on Tricycle Operation and other Motor for Hire (Habal-Habal)

    There shall be collected an annual franchise fee in the amount of Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) payable on or before January 20 of year for the operation of each tricycle-for-hire.

Filling Fee
Php 200.00
Supervision Fee
Php 100.00
Legal Research Fee (LRF)
Php   25.00
Mayor's Permit
Php 100.00
Php   25.00
Police Clearance
Php   50.00
Php 500.00

Other fees on tricycle operations:

Filing Fee

For the first two (2) units Php 25.00
For each additional unit
Php 10.00
Fare adjustment fee for fare increasePhp 15.00
Filing fee for amendment of MTOP
Php 25.00
Php 75.00

Other single motor for hire (Habal-Habal)

Filing Fee Php 200.00
Mayor's Permit
Php 100.00
Police Clearance
Php   50.00
Php   25.00
Php 375.00

Time of Payment

    The annual franchise fee shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer upon application for an MTOP or renewal thereof.

The filing fee shall be paid upon application for an MTOP based on the number of units.

    Filing fee for amendment of MTOP shall be paid upon application for transfer to another zone, change of ownership of unit or transfer of MTOP.

C. Police Clearance Fee

    There shall be paid for each police clearances certificate obtained from the Station Commander of the Philippine National Police of this municipality the following fees:
  • for employment, scholarship, study grant,
  • and other purposes not hereunder specified   -   75.00
  • For change of name   -   100.00
  • For application for Filipino Citizenship   -   200.00
  • For passport or visa application   -   100.00
  • For firearms permit application   -   200.00
  • For People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) clearance   -   100.00
  • Police blotter fee –certification   -   50.00
Time of Payment

    The service fee provided under this Article shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer upon application for police clearance certificate.

E. Slaughter and Corral Fees

    Before any animal is slaughtered for public consumption, a permit fee therefor shall be secured from the Municipal Veterinarian or his duly authorized representatives who will determine whether the animals is fit for human consumption, thru the Municipal Treasurer upon payment of the corresponding fee, as follows:

Per Head

Large Cattle   -   10.00
Hogs   -   10.00
Goat/Sheep   -   10.00
all others   -   10.00
Slaughter Fee

    The fee shall be paid to cover the cost of serve in the slaughter of animals at the municipal slaughterhouse, in accordance with the following rates:
Large Cattle   -   15.00
Hogs   -   15.00
Goat/Sheep   -   15.00
All others   -   15.00
Corral Fee

Per head, per day or fraction thereof:
Large Cattle   -  15.00
Hogs   -   15.00
Goat/Sheep   -   15.00
All others   -   15.00
Time of Payment

    Permit Fee. The fee shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer upon application for a permit to slaughter with the Municipal Veterinarian.

    Slaughter Fee. The fee shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer or his authorized representatives before the slaughtered animals is removed from the public slaughterhouse, or before the slaughtering of the animal if it takes place elsewhere outside the public slaughterhouse.

    Corral Fee. The fee shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer before the animal is kept in the city corral or any place designated as such. If the animals is kept in the coral beyond the period for, the fees due on the unpaid period shall first be paid before the same animals is released from the corral.

***The aforementioned provisions are as per provided under the Revised Local Revenue Code of the Municipality of Calamba, Province of Misamis Occidental duly approved by the Sangguniang Bayan of this municipality on November 26, 2002.

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