As Calamba unravels its multifarious facets of a fast growing municipality , the evidence is seen through its developed tourists destinations, pension houses, restaurants, outdoor dining, commercial buildings, communication and transportation facilities, radio station, cable TV, hospitals, schools and sports plaza.

    Calambahanons live a lifestyle that is distinct from other communities. In addition, Calamba has become the choice of many people for a peaceful and comfortable living.

    Visitors can feel the captivating and spellbinding history of Calamba from the Tourism Office of the Local Government Unit. One can figure out the fascinating life Calamba can offer.          

    Moreover, it is very natural to admire  the beautiful and breathtaking places and here in the municipality one can unveil its awesome beauty more than one expects to see and expects to experience. The tranquility and coolness of the place is a part of a journey that will always leaves traces of footprints in one’s heart and mind.

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Newsflash Project Launching

The tech4ED Project Launching, and ribbon cutting of the new tech4ed centers was started with an invocation and followed by the opening remarks of our municipal mayor Engr. Ezel T. Villanueva and after her message after that Mr. Felix Tabanao and Mr. Eugene C. Raposala III DICT(Department of Information Communications and Technology) staff gave their message and how tech4ed works and functions of how they can help our town.  There will be public wifi hotspots known as the JUAN KONEK and it will be available in these locations soon. Municipal Read more ...
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