A. Permit Fee for Cockpits Owners/ Operators/ Licensees/ Promoters and Cockpit Personnel

    There shall be collected the following Mayor’s permit Fees from cockpit operators/ owners/ licensees and cockpit personnel:

From the owner/operator/licensees of the cockpit:
  • Application filing fee  -  500.00
  • Annual cockpit permit fee  -  2,000.00

From cockpit personnel:
  • Promoters/Hosts  -  500.00
  • Pit Manager  -  300.00
  • Referee  -  200.00
  • Bet Taker “Kristo/Liamador”  -  200.00
  • Bet Manager “Maciador/Kasador”  -  200.00
  • Gaffer “Mananari”  -  200.00
  • Cashier  -  200.00
  • Derby (Matchmaker)  -  200.00
Time and Manner of Payment

a. The application filing fee is payable to the Municipal Treasurer upon application for a permit or license to operate and maintain cockpits.

b. The annual cockpit permit fee is payable upon application for a permit before a cockpit shall be allowed to operate and within the first twenty days of January of each year in case of renewal thereof.

c. The permit fees on cockpit personnel shall be paid before they participate in a cockfight and shall be paid annually upon renewal of the permit on the birth month of the permitee.

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