Turnover and Inauguration Ceremony of Construction of 3 units spillway
On September 4, 2017 is the Turnover and Inauguration Ceremony of Construction of 3 units spillway with Hon. Severino Bucog, Kalahi CIDDS NCDDP staffs, Barangay Officials and Barangay Volunteers. The said activity started with the Blessing of the 3 unit spillway and after a while is the ribbon cutting. Then a short program was prepared by the Barangay Officials and its Volunteers for the said project, Hon. Severino Bucog gave his welcome address and Mr. Jan Clement Quilab gave his speech of the project. After a little while the Kalahi Cidds has turned over the responsibility of the project to Barangay Singalat so they can take care of it.
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The Opening Prayer and the Blessing was Speaheaded by Mr. Enerio Cumalasag(Layminitster) The Ribbon Cutting was Spearheaded by Hon. Severino Bucog(Brgy.Captain) and Mr. Jan Clement Quilab(ACT - Area Coordinator)


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Turning over the key of responsibility to Barangay Captain of Singalat Hon. Severino Bucog.  KALAHI CIDDS along with Barangay Captain Severino Bucog and its Barangay Volunteers

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