Mayors and other municipal officials are not elected by the general electorate every three years to execute the Rule of Law only.  Stated otherwise, they are elected to manage the development of their respective municipalities.  Thus, mayors are inherently mandated BY THE 1991 Local Government Code and its amendments to fulfill their roles as development managers.

The word development in its truest sense is a development that must be sustainable in order to satisfy the needs of the present without sacrificing the needs of future generations. 

With all my heart, I would like to express my PROFOUND THANKS to the people of Calamba, for your collective support in the recently held 2013 local election.  I do appreciate the trust you have given me as your new local chief executive to lead our municipality towards genuine development adopting the principles of a good governance, Participation and Consensus Orientation, Strategic Vision, Effectiveness and Efficiency, Accountability. Transparency and Fairness.

In my capacity as the FIRST LADY MAYOR my focus will be the following:


Because I believe that things that are lovely and beautiful can create harmony and peace; can improve the mental health of society and can make Calamba a more beautiful and lively place to live, giving priorities on the improvement of our Municipal Building, Installation of Solar Street Lights, Efficient Garbage Collection and to promote  and develop our tourism industry.



With our efforts to eliminate poverty, we will strive to have more Sustainable Livelihoods as an entry point for alleviating rural poverty through continuing economic infrastructure projects like farm to market roads, improvement of public market and poblacion roads, assistance to livelihood projects and programs. Installation of close circuit television (CCTV) cameras or security monitoring facilities is also one of our priorities to improve and maintain peace and order condition and ensure the safety of our citizenry.




Under the new administration the utmost priority is to provide a continuing supply of medicines and to ensure sustained delivery of medical services to the far flung barangays under the municipality’s basic health program.  Provide scholarship program to poor but deserving students and skills training program to impoverished young people who could not afford to continue their college education. Sports development is also one of the priority programs  of the municipal government that zeroes in on tapping of innate skills of both men and women in the realm of sports. Support sports activities and provide sports training program to help develop sports enthusiast, meet new friends and have fun thus keep the young people away from destructive and life threatening vices. Conduct awareness program to young students on views about how dangerous the effects on the abuse of illegal drugs. Close monitoring on operation of internet cafés to prevent  students to access  the internet for online games during class hours.



Support  related programs, projects and activities of DSWD for senior citizens, person with disability and other non-government organization. I like to point out that senior citizens are to be accorded the utmost respect and honor due to them because of their vast life experience.  The same treatment must be given most especially to persons with disabilities.


NOW THEREFORE, as the new Local Chief Executive, I am asking your cooperation and support, regardless of your orientation and political parties.  Let us drastically unite from our former political orientations and work together as a team and embrace economic endeavors.  Side by side, hand in hand, let us move forward for efficient, effective governance, the primordial consideration being the general welfare of the municipality and its constituents.  Thus. serving the people of Calamba with utmost sincerity, honesty and integrity.  With the help of  our Almighty God, His guidance and His Blessings and adhering to the basic provisions of RA 7160 or the Local Government  Code of 1991 and its Amendments as our Bible for a transparent and accountable governance.


I am imploring your wholehearted support and cooperation to the fullest, YOU the dearly beloved inhabitants of the town, are the bridge as we take full and collective responsibility towards genuine development in our community.  Thus ushering us rich opportunities as we forge new covenants in the present with new values, better education, better health condition, peace and prosperity under The Rule of Law.  We must elevate our civility.  Rein our passions and persons.   We must cool our temper.  We must get rid of those complexes that do not do us any good.


I believe that all of us here want to have a much better world.  We are enjoined with one dream and conviction that is to bring positive change into this world we live in.


A changed  mind and a changed heart can help change this world.  So now, I am humbly asking everyone to do what a good citizen should do.  One is never too ordinary to do something to help and meet a need.  The simple ways of sharing a meal, or a smile will bring joy.  To plant fruit trees, to grow vegetables or backyard gardening, to have proper disposal of waste , to make our surroundings clean and beautiful and to do the right things and be peaceful are the simple acts of change that we can do to help ourselves,  the people around us and to the community as a whole.


I am confident that our united efforts can significantly contribute to the attainment of our common goals for poverty alleviation, economic productivity, equitable distribution of resources and benefits, peaceful and environmentally sound Municipality.




                                                                    Engr.  Ezel Tabuelog Villanueva
                                                                                  Municipal Mayor



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