The Social Development Sector has a following sub-sector, namely;

  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Protective Services
  • Social Welfare Services
  • Sport and Recreation





    To alleviate the living condition of the most disadvantaged/depressed/un served/ constituents thru access in adequate means of survivals, educations, health cares, security & enabling services thus improved the quality of life of the people.





  • To provide and to identify area for socialize housing affordable to low paid laborers/workers,
  • To reduce morbidity and mortality,
  • To encourage the community to practice proper health and sanitation care,
  • To provide better health services and facilities,
  • To reduce crime rates,
  • To have adequate protective facilities and communication equipments,
  • To extend integrated services to disadvantaged families in order to achieve a well-develop life style,
  • To develop athletic skills of the youth,
  • To discover potentials players and athletes thru barangay competition,
  • To improve the physical facilities and teaching-learning outcomes by:
  • Initiating development and or corrective activity to improve teaching practices,
  • Ensure individual teacher to focus on improving pupil learning outcomes, in literacy, numeric and sensitivity of culture,
  • Decrease the number of drop-outs
  • To reduce crime rates,
  • To have adequate protective facilities and communication equipments,


  • Formulate local housing policies,
  • Strict implementation of land use plan,
  • Health education for risk reduction of diseases or IEC,
  • To encourage mothers to avail the complete prenatal and post natal care,
  • Intensify the kusog Baga(KB) program/projects,
  • Teacher is required to sign performance contract,
  • Activate the non-formal education program,
  • Formulate crime prevention program,
  • Maximum police visibility wherein 85% of the total strength will be assigned in the field and 15% of which will be at the office,
  • Provision of communication facilities down to the barangay level
  • Develop plans and strategies, identify basic needs of the needy, the disadvantaged and the impoverished, and implement appropriate measures to alleviate their problems and improve their living conditions,
  • Prioritize the most depressed barangays in the municipality in the implementation of development programs and services,
  • Provide a sufficient budget for sports activities and projects,
  • Encourage the private sector to support all government initiated sports program, and
  • Conduct inter-barangays ball game competition, boxing and others.

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