One of the priorities of the recent administration on the development of the country for economic recovery is agriculture. For the Municipality of Calamba, Misamis Occidental, this priority is highly suitable due to its being an agricultural area. The available agricultural lands are mostly developed on coconut production and a small percent of rice, corn and other root crops. Due to the fluctuating price of copra, most farmers are still on the poverty line of economy. For this effect, the development activities are geared towards the maximization of agricultural land used in the same area of land with coconut as the base crops. Marketing strategies and cooperative development in the barangay are also encouraged.




    Intensification of Land use include the modern technology on agriculture, like multi-cropping. Sloping and Agriculture Land Technology (SALTS), crop rotations and integrated farming system, which comprises crops, livestock to fishery production. Also considered are the technical and financial assistance improvement of storage and marketing network assistance of cooperative organization on liberalized credit by financing institution. The agricultural sector of the Local Government Unit is needed to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture personnel’s on Agricultural development.




    The Municipality of Calamba should be considered as one of the producing area for crops need in the industrial plants for processing farm products like coconuts, ube, banana, cassava, peanuts, and other high value crops and for the next five to ten years, the municipality will be focused on coconut and cassava production where marketing of the product is very much available. The agri-based industrial centers in the nearby municipalities/cities of the province should also be an area for inflow of the product.




    Livelihood is also one of the top priority programs of the municipality in support to agriculture. The establishment and improvement of nurseries and the organization of cooperatives of the barangays of the municipality wherein, creation and organization of cooperatives is practical way for the promotions, self-reliance and harnessing people power towards the attainment of the economic development and social justice of the municipality. The active participation, cooperation of the municipal, provincial, national government agencies representatives and the people organization/private sectors of the areas will be encouraged to achieve the desired developments. 




    The improvement of support infrastructure facilities of the municipality, such as farm-to-market roads, water system development, warehouses, processing pants and the solar driers in the barangays for farm production is necessary to sustain the development of economic growth. In fact, the on-going construction of multi-million earth dam, the on going construction of Calamba Public Market, the Integrated Bus Terminal and the proposed implementation of Electronic Governance will boast the economy of the people in the years to come.







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