(Words & Music by: Milagros J. Saceda)


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   ‘Tis the beauty o’er the hill top,

Midst the tall and willow palms

Sinks the sun in golden light and glory,

Land of all my love shall be

Deck’d with shim’ring and pure, white petals,

What wealth to me the balm had brought,

Heavenly blessing without cost;

Gently show’ring on the host

Swiftly down the valleys green;

Piping songs of gladness clear;

Golden Orioles Hitcher’s plain

Bringing good will and good cheer,

Oh, Calamba dear fatherland!

Thy glory ever stands






Thou oh precious, hollow’d name

Where beats the brave hearts warm

Yonder stands a sturdy grove,

‘Neath a crest in heaven above

Bids us all to stand up right

Heed the Lord’s call to unite!

Mahogany, Calachuchi, Golden Orioles

Bathe a fresh in show’ring rain!

Sweet Calamba dear fatherland

Thy glory ever stands



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