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1.   Established an agricultural buying station in the 15 barangays.


2.   Establish a livelihood loan through a commercial bank.


3.   Invite domestic and international investors.


4.   Deputized all barangay treasures to collect real property tax.


5.   Enlist   the   services of   the    Philippine   National   Police   to


      increase local tax collection efficiency. 


6.   Promote rental of heavy equipment.


7.   Privatize operations in the public   swimming pool, catering


      services, beauty contest,  boxing  tournaments,  slaughterhouse,


      garbage collection, public market.     


8.   Public auction old vehicles.


9.   Provide available medicines to   all Phil Health   beneficiaries


      through the local pharmacies.


10. Established an internet service provider


11. Connect an on-line journal in the public library.


12. Adopt the use of electronic governance.


13. Implement the electronic procurement program.


14. Implement electronic commerce.


15. Adopt electronic bidding.


16. Adopt the use of electronic   national government accounting




17. Adopt the use of electronic taxation.


18. Connect all municipal computers to local area network.


19. Avail the services of employment agencies.


20. Improve peace and order condition.


21. Prohibit illegal gambling e.g. tari-tari.


22. Network with PAGASA for local weather forecast.


23. Use asphalts for all road constructions.




24. Prioritize listing for all economic infrastructure e.g. farm-to-


      Market roads, electrification, telephone line, internet   service


      service provider, irrigation, integrated bus terminal, bridges, etc  


25. Adopt   national   and   international standards in   engineering




26. Adopt   the use of   environmental   impact   assessment to all


      government projects.


27. Segregate and recycle garbage.


28. Install garbage cans in the poblacion.


29. Construct a sanitary landfill.


30. Provide cash incentives to revenue collection.


31. Establish a branch of the Land Bank of the Philippines.


32. Organize the Calamba Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce


      and Industry.


33. Require all   residential,   industrial,   commercial structures to


      install street numbers.


34. Conduct public hearing on Calamba fiesta.


35. Initiate lateral entry of all casuals to the private sector.


36. Inventory all government properties.


37. Purchase new vehicle models.


38. Purchase two standby generators.


39. Subscribe    the   daily   newspapers,   international   magazines,


       annual reports from  the  national,  international  institution  e.g.


       Entrepreneur,    Agribusiness,   Asia week,   National    Statistics


       Office, World Development Report, etc.  in the public library.


40. Hire Consultants   from   the National   Line Agencies to assist


       the feasibility studies of  prospective  livelihood  loan borrowers


       annual data book, local governance,  policy making  e.g.  Master                 


       in Business Administration, Doctor of Economics, Lawyer.


41. Publish an annual municipal data book.


42. Establish a Policy Studies Group.

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