The economic development sector has a following sub-sector, namely:

  • Commerce
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Tourism





    Economically stabled constituents thru profitable business and improved agri-based production, thereby contributing more towards Local and National Development.





  • To provide additional strategic commercial sites for future expansions,
  • To provide modern facilities that will serve the needs of the consumers,
  • To separate industry establishments from residential and commercial area,
  • To prevent pollutions and traffic hazards,
  • To develop other agro-industries supportive to ecological balance,
  • To promote the Research and Development technologies with farmers participation,
  • To increase the livestock/poultry productions through proper utilization of land and water
  • To maximize the utilization of agricultural land through multi-storey farming system,
  • To develop a consistent and transparent policy toward a stable environment for forest development,
  • To consolidate all forestry programs into sustainable forest management program,
  • To promote/enhance tourism aspects and,
  • To protect natural beauties from conversion.


  • Seeking assistance from various agencies concerned to finance the construction of public market, appropriate drainage canals and modern slaughterhouse,
  • Identifying of proper areas for additional strategic commercial  and industrial site,
  • Improvement farm-to market roads,
  • Encouraged to organize cooperatives to engage in agro-industrial activity,
  • Promotion of Research and Development Technologies with farmer participation,
  • Always involve farmers participation in all new farming technologies,
  • Tap financing institutions to facilitate credit access

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