On January 15, 2017 there has been a forecast that a low pressure area is affecting the whole Mindanao area. And in response to that forecast the MDRRMO - Mr. Ben Jan Yap, mandated the MDRRMC responders of Calamba Misamis Occidental to closely monitor the rainfall that started from morning till night which could lead to Floods and Landslides.
In the monitoring of the responders there has been a report that two persons who are stranded in an island in the middle of Brgy. Solinog and Brgy. Sulipat, the two persons said to be stranded from 10 in the morning and wasn't able to cross the river due to the high rise of the Larangan river due to non-stop rainfall. The two who are stranded has been successfully rescued through the efforts and quick response of the BRDDMC of Barangay Solinog and the MDRRMC responders. In the midst of the heavy rainfall an SUV had a breakdown and its front wheel had fallen in the canal. Through the help of the PNP - Calamba who traffic the area for passing vehicles the SUV was successfully bought up back in the road. And the MDRRMC responders also monitored the house in Brgy. Magcamiguing that was said to be flooded by the drainage of the Barangay.
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DSPC 2017 @ Lopez Jaena
Congratulations CNCHS students & coaches for the job well done!
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